Sandy mayoral candidate launches pledge

My Pledge: A new green deal for housing

04 March 2020

I am standing for mayor of Bristol to make it a fairer and greener city. A vote for me and Green councillors in Bristol this May is a vote to solve our housing crisis. The Green Party will build 2,000 new council homes by the end of 2030 and commit to retrofitting all 27,000 council homes with insulation and low-carbon energy efficient measures.

Greens will build 2,000 new council homes

Council homes are vital because the council is a good landlord. It doesn’t break the law. It provides life-rebuilding support to people who have problems with drugs and alcohol, mental health, or their finances. The council will never increase the rent unreasonably or sell someone’s home at short notice to make a profit. A council house is a home for as long as someone needs it, where they can build a life for themselves and their family.

Low carbon homes will reduce emissions by 75%

And council homes will be a key part of tackling both climate change and housing-related fuel poverty. To deal with the problem of high energy bills and carbon emissions, we will retrofit all 27,000 council homes with insulation and low-carbon energy efficiency measures. We anticipate a reduction of 75% in bills and carbon emissions.

Action not words

If we are to solve the twin crises of housing and climate change then we must invest now. This is the Green New Deal in action. We will create thousands of jobs, reduce fuel bills and carbon emissions and give everyone a warm home to live in.

It’s time for action, not words.

Thanks to Bristol 247 for recording the launch! The speech was also produced in full in the Bristol Post

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