A RADE pledge on Dirty Energy

06 March 2019

I am announcing today that I support the RADE pledge on dirty energy.  The pledge states there is no reason, other than poverty, to burn wood or other solid fuels within the Bristol boundary.

We know that up to 38% of PM2.5 particulate pollution in the city comes from wood/coal burning stoves.  The average stove (even an eco-certified one) generates more pollution than 6 HGVs every hour it is used.

If we are to tackle pollution in Bristol this must be a key part of our strategy and I will not burn solid fuels myself and discourage others to do so.

For many, wood burning stoves whether at home or in restaurants are a luxury and a lifestyle choice that is damaging our environment.  It is only acceptable to burn wood or coal if you absolutely have to.

Please join me in taking the pledge. https://radebristol.com

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