A Road to Nowhere

10 April 2019

The South Bristol ring road is the wrong road! It will not ease congestion, it will create more pollution and is a throwback to 1960’s urban design.

The proposed route of South Bristol Ring Road

Today is the last day of consultation for the catchily named JLTP4 which will guide planners in the future.

Bristol needs more houses but we must look to the future and design homes and communities for people. The designs being put forward currently will produce little more than a dormitory town devoid of life during the day and clogged with traffic and pollution every morning and evening. Moreover, the houses themselves should be carbon neutral.

Good urban design creates spaces for work and play nearby, building relationships between neighbours and encouraging people to travel less. Enough doctors surgeries, schools and community facilities are vital to creating a place where people want to live.

Adding more road space will do little more than increase congestion and pollution – since the 1960’s we have been building roads in the UK that are full before they are even built and after a few years grind to a halt because residents are not given any viable alternative but to drive.

If we are to build a city for the future we should be designing alternatives to the car – providing dedicated cycling, walking and public transport routes that allow people to travel quickly, cheaply and in comfort to key centres such as Bath, Bristol and Keynsham.

Planners should return to the drawing board and design a transport system fit for 2060 – not 1960.

Find out more www.wrongroad.org.uk

A view down the Valley where the road is proposed to run.

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