Affordable homes are a priority

08 September 2020

Bristol urgently needs affordable homes. The news today that the council has only built 400 of the 800 affordable homes pledged is hugely disappointing. 

Affordable homes were at the heart of the Labour mayor’s 2016 election campaign. The mayor pledged to build 800 homes that were affordable, out of a total of 2000 new homes, during his administration if elected. Now that the homes haven’t been built the mayor is blaming the pandemic for the delays.

I don’t buy that. The pandemic only hit 5-months ago. The building programme would have needed to be much closer to the target before lockdown started to achieve the target by the end of the year. This is just an excuse.

People desperately need affordable homes

I am really concerned by this. People in this city desperately need affordable housing. Nurses, care workers, people in low paid work want to stay in their communities, close to their friends and families and in areas where they grew-up. The lack of affordable housing is pushing people further and further out of the city and away from their communities. 

The current administration has relied on private developers to build affordable homes within larger builds. What tends to happen is that as the building work progresses, developers realise they can’t afford to build as many affordable homes as they originally agreed and so the numbers get reduced. 

The Green Party strategy is to build new Council homes, as well as retrofitting existing ones to make them energy efficient. That way we will have control over the number of truly affordable homes being built in Bristol. We believe that is the way forward and if elected in May 2021 affordable housing will be a major priority for us. We want to make Bristol a fairer and greener city. 


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