Supporting Deliveroo Riders

The way you are paid. What you are paid and what you have to pay for is wrong. Deliveroo is taking advantage of you. 25 years ago I was a cycle courier. In those days we didn’t have phones so we were forced to hire our radios from the company we were working for. Like you, up to 20% of our daily pay went on things they should have paid for. Equipment and time spent waiting.

Like you, we got together and demanded change. It was a small company so our strike hit them hard and I’m pleased to say our conditions improved. Deliveroo may be bigger but that is why they should treat you better and why you should stick to your protest to demand fair conditions and a fair days pay for a fair day’s work.

Stand strong and you will succeed.

The Green Party and the city are behind you!

Failed leadership is delivering a disastrous Brexit

This is where populism takes us. As the car hurtles towards the cliff edge our leaders are fighting over who takes the wheel. Sadly much of western politics has taken on this ‘winner takes all’ mentality – if we win then everyone has to do what we say. It is the opposite of good leadership. Good leadership reaches out across divides to understand others. It understands that to move forward; you have to take account of others opinions, bring people with you and see when your idea is going to fail spectacularly because no one else thinks it’s a good one.  

When Theresa May said ‘I will reach out across the house and listen’ I gasped in disbelief – this should have happened 2 years ago! I cannot believe that a seemingly intelligent person can have spent so little time understanding others she didn’t see the vote coming.  

And when Jeremy Corbyn puts forward a vote of no confidence he is nothing more than the drunken brawler who cannot let the fight go and just wants to ‘win’ whatever the cost.  

Our leaders would do well to think of all the people of this country, get their heads out of the fighting pit, have a look around and understand that people want leaders to stop fighting and start finding solutions to the big problems we have.  

The car is still hurtling towards the edge of the cliff – one of them needs to get the map out and the other take the wheel, ram on the brakes and listen again to what people are really saying.