Bristol has a Green Heart

28 May 2019

The results of the European Parliament election have shown us Bristol has a green heart.

Bristol voted last week to be open and welcoming of people from all cultures and backgrounds despite the rise of intolerance across our country.  We know that we benefit from immigration and our diverse communities.  We know that Bristol voted to remain in the EU, the biggest peace project in the world.  We know Bristol voted for jobs and business because staying in the EU is the best way to achieve these things.

Most of all, we voted to have our amazing MEP – Molly Scott Cato – re-elected.  The only MEP in the South-West & Gibraltar region to be re-elected.

But the result on Sunday night showed us something else too.

We are clearly the main opposition party in Bristol, and from today we will look to win the local elections in 2020.

Local authorities are at the sharp end of change.  It is here in our towns and cities that policy is turned into action.  Where air can be made cleaner, fuel bills reduced for the poorest and bus services and cycle lanes improved.  After the EU result, we have a chance to change things ourselves here in Bristol.  And not only in the traditional green areas – our councillors and campaigners have already come up with radical and imaginative ways of improving education, youth services, SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) and how business is supported and encouraged in our city.

Bristol has the chance to lead the UK and the world again.  So, if you voted Green on Thursday for the first time – welcome – it’s great to have you.  If you are a seasoned campaigner and have fought for years for the Green Party – thank you – this is our moment!

Together we can make the difference and take City Hall in 2020.

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