Fossil Fuel Power Station in St Philips Marsh

14 May 2019

The proposed gas power Station in St Philips Marsh is another example of good intentions being trumped by expediency.  It is easy to ‘declare’ a Climate Emergency but much more difficult to implement one.  It is decisions like the proposal to build a fossil-fuelled power station that will leave future generations struggling for years to reach our carbon emissions targets.  Building a gas powered generator now means that it will be a generation before the power station is dismantled or renewed and so Bristol’s target to become carbon neutral by 2030 becomes harder still.

We are grateful that the diesel proposal was turned down, especially so near the site of a school but we must go further.  Bristol City Council can turn down this application and indicate to all those who wish to invest in our city must do so in a sustainable and carbon-free way.

Bristol must end its reliance on fossil fuels. Turning down this proposal would send a clear message that we are looking for a different way to generate energy.  We support carbon-free alternatives that keep the air clean for our children and the planet.

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