Labour finally selects a candidate

25 April 2019

I welcome the announcement that Marvin is to be the Labour candidate for Bristol Mayor.  All but one of the mainstream candidates are in place and given that it is likely Bristol will elect a more left-wing Mayor the pieces are set, and the debates on key issues can begin in earnest.

The city faces some serious challenges that we must have the courage to face up to.  Our children and grandchildren are looking to us to take real action on the big issues like Climate change and air pollution.  We cannot leave future generations to pick up the pieces of our unsustainable lifestyles.  But the people of Bristol want their daily life to be better too.  We need to tackle congestion and promote public transport, cycling and walking if we are to get our city and businesses moving again.  We need to make sure more of our public spaces are for people, and we could start by building the arena in Temple Island to keep Bristol at the forefront of the UK’s cultural life.  We need to focus our housebuilding efforts on social housing to make sure the homeless and most vulnerable can build their lives on a solid foundation, and we must make sure we create good, well-paid jobs for the people of Bristol.

But more than that, we must have a clear vision for the city where communities and people thrive.  Where divides can be bridged and together we can find the values we share and respect the differences between us.  I have committed to a rainbow cabinet for the four years of office.  Only together we can build a city where our children and grandchildren can reach their potential.

Together we can Make the Difference.

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