Meet sandy

Sandy is the CEO of the Creative Youth Network (CYN), the largest charity working with young people in the South West. CYN support 6500 vulnerable young people each year to achieve their potential. Sandy is also the elected chair of VOSCUR, supporting and leading charities across Bristol.

Sandy has spent the last 25 years standing up for what he believes in. After graduating in Environmental Science, he was arrested for protesting against the extension of the M11 and creation of the Newbury bypass. As manager of Bristol Friends of the Earth, Sandy led campaigns to prevent the expansion of Ashton Court Quarry and installation of a waste incinerator at Avonmouth. He helped convince Bristol City Council to scrap the incinerator and invest in recycling – leading to the introduction of the city-wide green box scheme. Sandy ran peace-building programmes in East Africa and Somalia before becoming CEO of CYN in 2006.

Sandy has grown CYN from working with 20 young people, employing five staff and turning over £230,000 to working with over 6,500 young people, employing 220 staff and turning over £5m – raising over £25m in total. CYN purchased and refurbished properties across the city including the Station, the largest youth hub in the South West. These investments now help fund our work. Sandy has recently been appointed as Chair of Children in Need in the South West.

Sandy believes in creating solutions to the problems we face. He believes that the people of Bristol have the solutions to many of these challenges and many are already solving them but needs the support to grow their ideas. Business, communities and individuals all have a role to play in helping Bristol and its people reach their potential.

Sandy stood as chair of VOSCUR in 2016 and am now chair of Children in Need in the South West to lead strategic change for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in our city. Sandy works with community, business and political leaders, locally and nationally to find solutions to the difficult problems our city faces.

Sandy is a father of two adopted children and an avid cyclist. He lives in Brislington with his partner, Zoe.