Bristol is a great city to do business in and we want to keep it that way!

Bristol is famous for its innovative local companies selling goods and services that can’t be found anywhere else. It leads the way in science and creativity.

We will support and expect local businesses of all sizes to play their part in tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

We will provide support to businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, to help our whole economy recover. This includes working with the West of England Combined Authority to ensure retraining opportunities are available for those whose jobs or businesses do not rebound. This includes supporting training to address skills shortages in construction and low-carbon adaptation.

Bristol must lead the way in creating new green businesses – building a new economy that benefits us all, not just those with access to capital. We will deliver a Green New Deal for Bristol that will see our economy transition towards the fair, equal, sustainable future that we need.

Areas of the city such as South Bristol must be a focus for new job-creation and local people must be given the education and skills they will need for those jobs.

Purchasing goods and services locally can also create local jobs and reduce the environmental impact through reduced transport.

We recognise the vital role played by the voluntary and community sectors in supporting people into work, particularly some of the most disadvantaged in the city. These sectors are also innovators and leaders in social and environmental change and bring in new funding and ideas to Bristol.

We will work to support the caring economy where those who provide care are valued and supported, recognising the many hours of unpaid caring that supports our social infrastructure.



Recover. Thrive.

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