Champion the economy

As a CEO I know leaders need a firm grip on things when times get tough. I’ll focus on backing Bristol businesses, monitoring Brexit’s impact and will robustly present the city’s needs to the UK government. I’ll champion Bristol’s unique hospitality and creative sectors.

Nobody left behind

I’ll double support for young people to find work. I will seek a Basic Income trial in Bristol to provide security for all. I’ll push and push for those struggling the most.

Beat Covid

I’ll coordinate with all the key players to beat Covid as quickly and effectively as possible.

Get Bristol moving

We’re all sick of Bristol’s congestion. I’ll pedestrianise the Old City and halve bus fares for under-21s. I’ll work to make green and active travel the most convenient choice.

Invest locally

I’ll direct Bristol City Council’s buying power to support local businesses. I’ll invest £10 million into high streets and create a Green Business Support Fund. I’ll create 10,000 jobs by building and insulating council homes. Once it’s safe, I’ll fund celebration events to bring communities back to life.

Beat the climate emergency

We must get our house in order. And as we lead the way, the world will come to us for solutions


Recover. Thrive.

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Read our manifesto for Bristol here


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