Our ambition is for Bristol to become a 15-minute city.

Transport is about equality – a car-based transport system excludes the poorest and most vulnerable and those most affected by pollution. This means that everything you need is nearby. Ensuring that essential local services, shops, schools, GP surgeries, youth centres and parks are within a 15-minute walk of every household in Bristol, we will reduce the need to travel and encourage local business and jobs.

Post-COVID, we will work to restore confidence in public transport. A large-scale transport project such as a mass-transit system could have a big impact on our carbon emissions and the quality of public transport but will take 10-15 years to build. However, the climate emergency demands rapid action so we will focus on improving existing transport infrastructure. Prioritised bus routes and reduced parking in the city centre will make just as big an impact on pollution at a far lower cost, and far more quickly.

We want to make best use of the resources we already have. We will take bold actions to incentivise people to choose sustainable travel, such as by convenient and cheap public transport, and especially travel that is physically active, such as walking and cycling.

As a consequence, businesses will flourish, active travellers can enjoy their journeys and children can walk to school safely. And those needing to drive will be able to do so on less congested roads.

Recover. Thrive.

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Read our manifesto for Bristol here

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