Tackling climate change runs as a theme throughout  our manifesto and every promise that could affect the environment has been assessed for its impact on our planet. We have a future to look forward to but we must take bold action and start now before it’s too late.

Green Councillors led the way in declaring a climate emergency and aiming for Bristol to be carbon neutral by 2030. A Green mayor and Green council will accelerate the council’s work to become carbon neutral.

I believe that by investing in key actions and policies, Bristol can lead the way – proving that carbon neutrality will not only act to stop climate change but will help the city to become a more equal and pleasant place. Aiming for carbon neutrality will create jobs, boost the economy and set Bristol on the way to being the first UK city to become carbon neutral.

Tackling the climate emergency is everyone’s business, and the city will not become carbon neutral by 2030 without every citizen, every community and every business playing its part.

Recover. Thrive.

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Read our manifesto for Bristol here

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