This election is about the future generations

20 May 2019

When we vote on Thursday in the European Elections, some will vote to send a message to the establishment that they are angry with the Brexit process, some will vote to support the leave or remain cause, some will vote for an issue or party allegiance, some will vote for candidates they respect. I’m planning to use my vote to support the voice of future generations. Here is why.

I believe this election should send a message that young people’s opinions matter. I’m lucky to work every day with and for children and young people in our city. Theirs is a generation that is open to the world, open to progress, open to global thinking. They are also overwhelmingly in favour of Europe, and, as recent protests have shown, against climate change. Yet they won’t get to vote and are all too often silenced by the political system.

Young people are our future. The choices we make now will affect them more than us. The Brexit debate and our politics is too often fought based on immediate feelings, without a guiding principle of the impact on future people and our environment. We must stop making choices that benefit ourselves, now, at the expense of the future generations, or indeed at the expense of the future of the planet. Now is the time to vote with this in mind.

I’m planning to vote Green in the coming European election, not just because Molly Scott-Cato has been an outstanding and principled MEP who will continue to oppose Brexit for our city, but because I believe it sends a message that the future world Bristol stands for is one where we put our young people first.

Bristol’s message to the Brexiteers can and should be, not just a message that we are pro-Europe. It should also say loudly, and clearly, we want to remake our city and our society to be welcoming and open, to respect people and the environment, and for a peaceful future for our country. Most of all, that we want a politics that will work to leave behind a world that is better than the one we inherit.

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