Time for a new romance

14 February 2020

Our love affair with parties that get nothing done needs to end. Like a lover who tells us they’re going to change but never does, it’s time to move on from failing politics. It’s time for a new romance in Bristol,  a fresh ‘Green’ romance!

Labour have promised and pledged many things over the years in Bristol and have failed to deliver. They’ve promised better buses and cleaner air. They promised to tackle the climate crisis. They promised to get the arena finished.

Meanwhile, Green councillors have been campaigning for cleaner air and better buses for decades. One of our Green councillors, Carla Denyer, started the wave of climate emergency declarations here in Bristol that have been adopted nationwide. And we have lobbied for the Council to divest their pension funds away from fossil fuels.  

The Green Party have listened to what people want and as a result we’ve put forward successful motions on deliberative democracy, to include citizens’ assemblies and participatory budgets.


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