What sandy stands for

The Green Party isn’t just another political party. Green politics is a new and radical kind of politics.

Sandy believes that leadership is about listening to as wide a range of voices and opinions as possible, weighing up the facts we have before making a decision – but importantly making that decision!

That’s why we need you to hear from you today. Get involved in the campaign and help us shape Bristol’s future. 

No one has a monopoly on good ideas and Sandy knows this. His current position as CEO of the Creative Youth Network, takes him across the city from Hartcliffe and Stockwood to Fishponds and Southmead, St Pauls, Brislington and Hillfields. On any given day he might be meeting with young people in care or who are homeless and then meeting business and city leaders to look at how we tackle the strategic problems we face. Sandy understands that our wonderfully diverse city has communities that don’t feel part of the success of the city – communities in parts of South Bristol, our BME communities tell him again and again they feel excluded from decision making and left out of the growing wealth in Bristol.

This has to change. These divisions are becoming sharper and inequality is growing. It’s made worse by the ‘winner takes all’ mentality of mainstream politics. That is hugely damaging and feeds the inequality and division we see in our city.

Politics should be about bringing people together and increasing our understanding of others – not playing to our personal prejudice and creating a them and us culture. Over the next few months, Sandy will be taking the time to reach out further in the city to understand it more, meet the people, business leaders, volunteers, community leaders, artists, workers and the diverse communities that makes up our city. These are the people we need to invest in – growing new ideas that will create the future we want to see.

Sandy is in the process of working to develop a manifesto for Bristol that delivers real change but ones that works for the whole city.

If you can contribute to the campaign and the manifesto formation – get in touch today.