Thank you to everyone who voted for

Sandy Hore-Ruthven

for a greener and fairer Bristol

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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who voted Green in Bristol at the May 2021 elections.

Sandy received 43.5% of the votes for Bristol mayor, making him the first ever Green mayoral candidate in the country to come second.

The number of Green votes cast in Bristol both for the Bristol Mayor, West of England Mayor, Police and Crime Commissioner and Bristol City Councillors shows the tide is turning.

Your votes have sent a clear signal that thousands of people are ready for change, ready to vote green and want to see our City run in a different way.

The Greens aren't going away

Our 24 newly elected councillors will be working hard for you. And the Green party will continue working for a greener and fairer future.

Please join the Green movement today and help us to keep the momentum going.

With your help Greens can continue to work hard for this City.

With your help Greens can tackle the climate emergency and ecological crisis.

With your help Greens can stand-up for people of all ages and backgrounds across the City who deserve a better future.

Be part of the change

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Thank you for voting for a fairer and greener city.